Your Local Food Network aims to collate a directory of food producers. Initially it will feature producers from Wexford and surrounding counties and it aims to expand its geographic focus nationally. Contact us if you would like to be considered for inclusion. See guidelines on Local Producerspage.


Your Local Food Network aims to help people to access fresh, wholesome food that is grown close by in our own communities. We aim to provide support to smaller farmers and growers by way of showcasing their produce and working methods while promoting them within their locality.

It's good to think about where your food comes from. It's important to trust the source. We want you to get to know your local food producers and form lasting mutual relationships! Pop-up market hubs, foodie get-togethers and greet-the-grower events are all in the pipeline. Your thoughts and views are welcome.


Directory of Producers

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Certified Organic food is produced in accordance with very specific standards. These standards are governed in Ireland by two certifying agencies- the Organic Trust and IOFA (Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association). Routine use of conventional pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, chemical fertilisers and herbicides is strictly prohibited. Growth promoters and GMO ingredients are also completely banned. To achieve and maintain Organic status a farmer/grower must undergo rigorous self auditing and record keeping and be prepared for un-announced inspections. All livestock produced organically must have access to grass/pasture during their lives and so are also by definition Free Range. Organic Certification helps guarantee the authenticity of produce sold as Organic.

When we use the term “chemical-free”
on this website it is in reference to food that is grown simply and naturally, without the addition of synthetic chemicals. We recognise that organic certification can be unduly expensive and unaffordable for smallholders that use the organic standards as a guide to their practices. Producers labelled CHEMICAL FREE adopt farming principles including responsible stewardship of soil, water, and other natural resources; biodiversity; non-toxic growing practices; economic viability; transparency and an annual open farm policy.

Promoting seasonal, wholesome food
produced in your locality